We have world renowned huffaz leading Tarawih salah this year. Prayer times can be found on our Ramadan timetable here.

Shaykh Ahmed Ragab (Eygpt)

Shaykh Ahmed Ragab started Hifz of Qur’an in 1981, when he was 7 years old. He then became a Hifz teacher in 1990. After Shaykh Ahmed finished his secondary education, he enrolled in the Institute of Qirat, and then achieved Ijazah in Tajweed and higher certificate of Qirat.

Shaykh Feisel Amin Abdulrahman (America)

Shaykh Feisel Amin Abdulrahman is of Somali origin and lives in America. He leads as an Imam at a mosque in Minnesota. Shaykh Amin is also a Qur’an and Hafiz teacher.
Shaykh Abdul Aziz (Eygpt)

Shaykh Abdul Aziz (Eygpt)

Shaykh Abdul Aziz is the student of world famous Qari Shaykh Ahmed Amir, who recently passed away. (Shaykh Ahmed Amir led the Tarawih in the East London Mosque for over a decade.) Shaykh Abdul Aziz is a teacher of Qur’an in Cairo, Eygpt. He also travels the world as a Qari and is known for his beautiful recitation.