O you who believe, seek help through patience and prayer;

Indeed, Allah is with the patient.

{Qur'an 2:153}

Our food and medicine deliveries

Our dedicated staff and volunteers are out in the community delivering essential supplies and medicine to those in need. We are grateful to our food bank partners, First Love Foundation, who have made this possible.

The generous support of the Muslim community means the Mosque can now purchase and deliver additional food items, especially those our community is accustomed to, so that we can help even more needy and vulnerable people. You can find out more and give your support here.

New emergency burial facilities

Alhamdulillah, the wonderful response to our emergency appeal has meant we have been able to procure at short notice emergency facilities and resources for Muslim burials. This short video shows more:

You can also watch a Bangla version.

Funeral services

Non-coronavirus bereavements:

Coronavirus bereavements:

Statement by Haji Taslim Funeral Service

Their statement is as follows:

Our funeral service has a history of serving the community for over 55 years with compassion and care. Losing a loved one is disheartening, and we pride ourselves on making it easier in terms of arrangements.

During these unprecedented times it has become so much more difficult, however by the mercy of Allah, we as a community will come out stronger, insha’Allah.

On the 28 March, we had to close our offices as some of our staff had symptoms and went into isolation. However, we managed to reopen on 31 March to deal with non-covid related deaths, as a full closure would have affected the community and the alternative services. We’re continuing still only with non-covid only, as we wait for the return of all our staff, revamped new premises, and provision of PPE and other resources. So, insha’Allah we will be dealing with Covid-19 related deaths in the near future.

For now, there are alternative services,: Eternal Gardens cemetery in Sidcup and the Gardens of Peace cemetery in Chigwell.

Eternal Gardens is catering for Tower Hamlets residents, mainly at a subsidised price of £933; Gardens of Peace costs £3100 for all. Gardens of Peace cemetery is catering for other boroughs.

We remind you that you have to add funeral directors fees, which for us is below £900 – as we have not increased our prices for the last 16 years.

As there has been an increased number of deaths, this has resulted in longer waiting times; we ask the community to have patience and show understanding during these difficult times.

Jazakallah khair.

The Management of
Haji Taslim Funerals

End of life care and bereavement support

Eden Care befriending and advocacy for end of life and the terminally ill: https://www.edencareuk.com/press/press-2/befriending-and-advocacy-service-refer-a-person/

Muslim Bereavement Support Service: http://mbss.org.uk/

Live ELM broadcasts

We’re broadcasting live talks and Q&A sessions by our Imams, and posting videos – check this page for details of our live platforms, follow us for the latest updates on our Facebook page, or get the latest programme information from our Telegram.     

ELM advice, support & counselling

We’ve had to furlough most of our staff, including those for the schools and evening madrasah, so that we can keep our most essential services running. With the closure of the Mosque, and all of the income-generating Waqf based there, our focus needs to be on meeting the most pressing needs of our community, such as the burial support and food deliveries for the vulnerable mentioned above.

We’re also maintaining limited advice, support and counselling:

  • Support line – regular social support via the telephone for people who are living alone or in isolation (Bangla and English), if you need someone to talk to.
  • Imam consultations – our Imams will be available via telephone lines to give spiritual guidance and advice.
  • Bilingual staff members (Arabic and Bengali) can assist with translation and practical support in making online applications to external agencies.

Call 020 7650 3000 (12am to 6pm); please be patient at busy times if you’re waiting for a response.

The Maryam Centre line – 020 7650 3022 – is also open at the same time for women who prefer to speak to another woman.

Our counselling page has helpful information, including details of mental health crisis support from external agencies (men and women).

Will-writing service

The will-writing service provided by Farani-Taylor is still available during this coronavirus pandemic – find out more here.

Self-isolation support

For those in our local community who need self-isolation support, you can make an online request to Tower Hamlets Council here:


Your sadaqah keeps our services running

May Allah bless all your support, please make a donation however small.

O you who believe! Spend of that with which We have provided for you, before a Day comes when there will be no bargaining, nor friendship, nor intercession.

{Qur’an 2:254}

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