The East London Mosque welcomes the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as a first step towards a permanent end to the cycle of violence. The besieged population of Gaza desperately require, more than anything else, a permanent ceasefire, which allows them safe passage to return to their homes and the chance to rebuild their life in Palestine free of Israeli occupation and siege.  

We join international bodies and experts in expressing our deepest concerns over Israel’s military operation, which bears disturbing hallmarks of genocide and ethnic cleansing. As Gaza grieves amidst unspeakable devastation, we urgently implore the international community and UK charitable partners to mobilise without delay in supporting and delivering humanitarian assistance.

We cannot overstress that the provision of such aid must also serve as a springboard for a permanent ceasefire as well as breaking and ending the cycle of violence which stems from Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine. 

Like all peace-loving communities, we call upon the international community to use the temporary ceasefire as a catalyst towards securing a permanent halt in the military campaign against the people of Gaza.

We applaud the unwavering solidarity shown by the British public and the wider international community in calling for a permanent ceasefire, despite opposition from most of our elected politicians. We call on our leaders to align with the overwhelming majority of the British public and demand a permanent ceasefire.

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