In a joint reception and dinner with the Muslim Council of Britain and Think Forum on 11 Jun 2018, the East London Mosque Trust was delighted to host a return visit by Dato' Sri Anwar Ibrahim, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, who is expected to become Prime Minister within the next two years.

A host of guests attended the programme, which culminated in iftar – the breaking of the fast. Anwar Ibrahim spoke of the challenges of democracy and those he has faced as he returns to the political fore in Malaysia, then spent almost half an hour answering questions. The diverse audience of nearly 300 leaders and community members also heard from: Muhammad Habibur Rahman, Chairman of the East London Mosque Trust; Harun Rashid Khan, General Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain; Dr Abdullah Faliq, convenor of the Think Forum (and chair of the event); Iqbal Ahmad Khan, the Baraka Khan Foundation; Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green & Bow; and John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

We are grateful to the main sponsors of this event: the Baraka Khan Foundation, Bamfords Trust, and Watan Syria, as well as a number of community organisations.

(L-R) Abdullah Faliq, Harun Rashid Khan, Dato' Sri Anwar Ibrahim, Muhammad Habibur Rahman in ELM Archive

Rushanara Ali MP

Mayor John Biggs

(L-R) Iqbal Ahmad Khan, Dato' Sri Anwar Ibrahim in ELM’s Baraka Khan Visitor Gallery

(L-R) Dr Jamil Sherif, Chair of the ELM Archive Steering Group, with Dato' Sri Anwar Ibrahim