Our women's centre manager, Sufia Alam, was invited to speak at the Women and Equalities Committee (19 April 2016) about how employment opportunities for Muslim women can be improved.

Sufia has over 20 years of experience working in the community, represented the sentiments and feelings of many women who are often shunned because of their faith in the work place. She also talked about some of the cultural barriers that limits women from studying afar.

The Muslim Council of Britain's report British Muslim in Numbers based on the 2011 census, has a section detailing the employment statistics of Muslims living in Britain today. Statistics point to the fact that 28% of Muslim women (aged 16-74) are in employment, significantly lower than the approximately 51% of the overall female population.

The Women and Equalities Committee will be looking at ways to help and improve access to employment for Muslim women. The full session can be viewed online below: