A palpable atmosphere of pride, joy and hope filled the East London Mosque on Thursday as 14 of the community’s exceptionally gifted youth took the stage at the 13th Annual Huffaz Graduation Ceremony.

This year’s class of Huffaz was one of the largest in the school’s history, illustrating the rising interest and dedication amongst the youth to learn, commit to memory and also recite the Qur'an with perfect tajweed. 

Fourteen students were recognised for their extraordinary commitment to memorising the entire Qur’an. Four dedicated students achieved the distinguished status of having committed the entire Qur’an to memory while also undergoing a rigorous cycle of revision. The youngest to achieve the status of “Graduate” is only 10 years of age.

In addition to the four new Huffaz who graduated, ten other students received awards for having completed memorization of the Qur’an but without undergoing the rigorous cycle of revision and consolidation that’s required to qualify as a full graduate. Ranging from 10 to 17 years of age, these determined youths invested precious time outside school and play to enrich their minds and faith.

Prominent stakeholders, school governors and Imams came to the Graduation Ceremony eager to congratulate all the students for their dedication and success mastering the most sacred Islamic text. It was a decidedly proud moment for the students, families of the Huffaz as well as the London Muslim community as a whole.

Students delivered speeches and recitations from the Qur’an in front of governors, stakeholders, and Imams, demonstrating poise and confidence far beyond their years.

The Graduation Ceremony offered the community a chance to recognize the sacrifices and triumphs of these youths who have devoted years to memorisation while also excelling at their studies. Their GCSE results, as the headteacher Ustadh Muhammed Badr said, match or exceed their peers, demonstrating tremendous discipline and time management.

“I am overcome with pride for what these committed young Muslims have achieved,” said Muhammed Badr. “It is not easy to memorise the entire Holy Qur’an. It requires special dedication, parental encouragement, and inspirational teachers. Today we celebrate all these elements coming together for the graduates’ collective success.”

Many previous Huffaz graduates have gone on to impressive careers in various fields while giving back to their community as Imams at universities, Islamic societies or local community mosques. The same bright future awaits this next wave of exceptional youths as they venture beyond graduation.