The East London Mosque recently organised a spiritually enriching and physically challenging “Trek 4 Your Mosque” event, leading 28 adventurous participants to conquer the summit of Mount Snowdon in Wales. The inspirational weekend getaway took place from 4th to 6th August.

The trek provided attendees with a much-needed spiritual recharge, while also pushing them out of their comfort zones to hike Wales' highest peak. Fusing faith and adventure, the event encouraged personal growth through communal support and exertion in nature.

The trip was enriched by the motivating presence of ELM’s esteemed Imams, Shaykh Syed Anisul Haque and guest Imam Abdel Rahman, who enthusiastically joined the hike. Their spiritual insights gave participants guidance and inspiration along the journey.

Despite adverse weather conditions of rain, the determined group reached the summit together. Their perseverance and camaraderie in the face of challenges highlighted their dedication to the Mosque and its causes.

Beyond a rewarding physical and spiritual experience, “Trek 4 Your Mosque” also served as a fundraising initiative for the Mosque’s essential community services. Participants engaged in fundraising efforts, with top fundraiser and total amount raised to be announced on 11th August. Their selfless contributions will support the Mosque’s ongoing initiatives.

After the exhilarating climb, participants enjoyed a sightseeing excursion on the final day to appreciate Wales' natural splendor and reflect on Allah's magnificent creations.

The shared experience fostered a strong sense of community and brotherhood among participants. The camaraderie formed through common challenges and accomplishments will motivate continued engagement in future Mosque events.

Tozommul Ali, Fundraising Manager at the Mosque, thanks all participants, volunteers and sponsors who made “Trek 4 Your Mosque” such an impactful success. This event exemplifies the Mosque’s commitment to uplifting experiences that nourish the soul, strengthen the body, and unite the community

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