1 Nov 2023

With Gaza’s mounting death toll surpassing the 8,000 lives lost in the 1995 Srebrenica genocide, the East London Mosque is raising its voice in solidarity with all those seeking an end to hostilities and calling for an immediate ceasefire. We are alarmed at the world’s failure to uphold the solemn vow of “Never Again”.

Leading voices have categorised the situation in Gaza as Genocide. The outgoing UN Human Rights Official, Craig Mokhiber, made this assessment, condemning Israel’s “wholesale slaughter” as a “textbook case of genocide”, and called on the international community to uphold its responsibility to protect civilians.

Echoing this urgent warning, the historian and genocide expert Raz Segal described Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza as “a textbook case of Genocide.” 

Between Craig Mokhiber’s authoritative UN perspective and Raz Segal’s academic analysis, the expert consensus is clear – Gaza is facing genocide!

As Gaza grieves its dead, we must confront the dehumanization at the root of such atrocities.

With the above in mind, this month’s Islamophobia Awareness Month (IAM) carries profound urgency – challenging the very demonization of the Palestinians and Muslims that underpins Gaza’s unfolding tragedy.

The massacre of over 130 civilians in Jabalia, primarily women and children, and a rising death toll that is likely to reach 10,000 following Israel’s ground invasion underscores the dangers of dehumanising narratives. 

The East London Mosque urges everyone to raise their voices against demonisation that strips people of their humanity and dignity. We will continue working to promote justice and understanding between communities. But first, the slaughter of innocents in Gaza must end. “Never Again” must truly mean Never Again.

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