The East London Mosque is pleased to host five huffaz for Tarawih. May Allah help us to benefit from their beautiful recitation.

Shaykh Ahmad Rajab

Egyptian Qur’an teacher who memorised the entire Qur’an by the age of 7. After completing secondary school education, he studied Qur’anic Sciences where he received ‘ijaza (license) to teach Hifz, Qira’at and Tajweed.

Shaykh Saud Nafi Al-Enezi

Born in Madinah, he studied Shari’ah sciences from Imam Mohammad Ibn Al-Saud University. Memorised the Qur’an and specialises in Quranic sciences, and holds ‘ijaza in 4 qira’at styles. Currently a hifz teacher in Masjid Al-Nabawi, Madinah.

Imam Abu Tayeb

Imam and Mu’addhin at the East London Mosque for over 20 years. Studied the Qur’an and Arabic in Bangladesh, served as an imam in Qatar, and renowned for his melodious recitation style.

Imam Jamal Mohammed

Memorised the entire Qur’an at the age of 13 in London. He went on to study and complete the sciences of Qur’an recitation, mastering all ten styles along with ‘ijaza to teach them all.

Hafiz Shakir Ahmed

Hafiz Shakir memorised the Quran and begun his Islamic education at Al Mizan Primary School and London East Academy & Sixth Form. Later he pursued Islamic Sciences and Arabic Language in Egypt and Saudi Arabia completing his undergraduate studies at Madinah University. Currently, he is reading an MA at SOAS, University of London.