18 Mar 2020 – Update: ELM now temporarily closed to public

12 Mar 2020 – Our Imams have followed up recent sermons with further advice about the coronavirus.

First, we should not panic, as we must trust in Allah, and believe that nothing will happen to us except what He has decreed. But this reliance goes hand in hand with taking sensible measures, as well as seeking Allah’s help through prayer and adhkar (the remembrance of Allah taught by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ).

The congregation was reminded to follow “Catch it. Bin it. Kill it”, which is currently displayed prominently on the Mosque’s screens and noticeboards. And if anyone feels ill, with symptoms like flu or a fever, they are urged to pray at home rather than come to the Mosque. In particular, older members of our congregation whose health is weak should do their prayers at home.

Finally, those coming to the Mosque may consider bringing their own small prayer mats to use on top of the Mosque’s prayer carpets, provided they wash their prayer mats every day.