We pray that Allah accepts your good deeds from the month of Ramadan.

These last few months have not been easy for any of us. Many have been sick, and some have even lost their lives. We’ve been through Ramadan without even stepping foot in our beloved Mosque – something we never imagined happening in our lifetimes. We live in unprecedented times full of uncertainty.

Moreover, our Mosque has lost significant sources of income in this period. Despite this, we have continued to serve our community the best we can with limited resources, staff and volunteers – because that’s what a Mosque should do.

And Allah has favoured us! The overwhelming support from the generous Muslim community, through donors such as yourself, has left us in awe. So, we at the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to you.

This time in our history is difficult, and we do not know what the future holds; but together as a community, as an Ummah, we will get through this, insha’Allah. “For verily, with every hardship comes ease.”

We pray that Allah keeps you and your family in good health and high Iman, and makes easy for you and us the difficulties we face. May He, the Most Merciful, allow us all to return to our precious Mosque as soon as possible.

And when that happens, insha’Allah as always we at the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre will be ready and eagerly waiting to welcome you back to your Mosque.

With love and Salaams

Your brothers and sisters at the East London Mosque

This short video shows how, with your support, we’ve been able to respond to the current lockdown.

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