The East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre once again supported Muslim Aid in its 2nd Big Food Drive for the homeless in collaboration with the charity Crisis. After the Friday prayers our staff along with Crisis and Muslim Aid’s volunteers gathered and packed the tons of food donated, which include rice, pasta, cereal, tinned goods and other items. Donations came from our children from Al Mizan primary school and London East Academy and local groceries. The food packages will be given to local people in need, including those who are living on the streets.

The East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre CEO, Nozmul Hussain said: “While we all help needy people all over the world, as Muslims we also have a huge responsibility to help the needy here in our own country, in our own neighbourhood here in the UK, as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: ‘He who sleeps on a full stomach whilst his neighbour goes hungry is not one of us.’”

The Big Food Drive was joined by many interfaith leaders, including Senior Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, and Reverend Bernadette Hegarty, along with Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs and Rushanara Ali MP.