The second lockdown has initially been set for 5 Nov to 2 Dec 2020. During this period, although we’re closed for prayers, other key services are still available.

Call to prayer

We’ll be broadcasting the call to prayer at the normal times, but just as in the first lockdown, it will include the line saying to pray at home.

Funeral Service

Haji Taslim Funerals will continue to operate, and we will host funeral prayers at restricted times for close family and friends, with a maximum of 30 people.

Will-writing service

Our partner service is still available for Islamic wills – more information here.

Circumcision Service

The Sunnah Circumcision Service is still open, call 07983 072779 for bookings.

Food bank

We continue to help the needy and vulnerable, and can deliver food to the needy and vulnerable. If you know anyone who needs help, call our main reception on 020 7650 3000 (11am – 5pm). Please consider donating to support this and our other vital services.

Online talks

We regularly broadcast talks:

  • Shaykh Abdul Qayum (via Facebook, YouTube and adhan radio and Mixlr)

    Tuesday after Isha
    Life of the Prophet (Bangla)

    Wednesday after Isha
    Riyaad As-Saalihin (English)

    Saturday after Isha
    Tafseer (Bangla)

  • Shaykh Mohammed Mahmoud (via Facebook)

    Wednesday 6pm
    Knowing Allah (Through His 99 Names) (English)

  • Imam Abul Hussain (via adhan radio and Mixlr)

    Sunday after Isha
    Fiqh (Bangla)

Imams’ advice service

Call our main reception on 020 7650 3000, if an Imam is not immediately available we will schedule a call back. This service runs 7 days a week, 11am – 5pm.

Counselling and other services for women

Information about our counselling service for women can be found here. For more details about our dedicated women’s services, call 020 7650 3022.

Education for children

The ELM primary and secondary schools are open as normal.

The ELM Evening Madrasah is currently providing classes online.

Please help us to keep our vital services running. Your support through your Sadaqah is a blessing for you and for us. May Allah reward you, and keep you safe and well.

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