Last night the London Muslim Centre, part of the East London Mosque hosted a unique Channel 4 News debate on the wearing of the niqab, or full Islamic face veil.

The niqab is worn by a small minority of Muslim women but has recently generated much discussion in both the UK and other European countries.

Niqab wearers Shalina Litt, Sahar Al-Faifi and Fatima Barkatulla were joined on a studio panel by the right-wing commentator Douglas Murray, by writer and broadcaster Yasmin Alibhi-Brown, and Khola Hasan a lecturer and advisor on Islamic issues.The live broadcast was presented by Jackie Long, social affairs editor for Channel 4 News. The debate was attended by Muslim women from London who took part in the discussions.

The programme revealed controversial survey findings by ComRes, including:

56% of respondents said they opposed the wearing of the full face-veil
55% said they would support a national ban, similar to legislation that was passed in France in 2010
81% say they support a ban on wearing the niqab in certain public places, such as schools, courts or hospitals.

Programme video:

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