The East London Mosque received Qard Hasanah* pledges last Friday (17 May) of £1,021,847 from Channel S viewers in support of the Maryam Centre development. We would like to thank all those who have pledged to donate or give Qard Hasanah to the Mosque.

The Maryam Centre is an exciting development that will bring two key benefits: significant new facilities for women and a permanent visitor centre for non-Muslims.

To date the fundraising update for the development is as follows:

Donations Pledged: £5,541,268
Donations Received: £4,008,580
Donations Outstanding: £1,532,688
Development Cost: £9,500,000
Shortfall: £3,958,732


Donating to the Mosque is easy and there are several ways to do this. To find out more, please click here.

*Qard Hasanah is an interest free loan.