The East London Mosque’s exciting new development, the Maryam Centre opens its doors this Ramadan for the community. Last year only the ground floor was temporarily opened for Ramadan.

Dedicated to women’s prayer space and services, the nine storey construction started in 2009, as part of the Mosque’s phase 2 development plan to provide further prayer space for the congregation.

Muslim community and leaders have been invited on Friday, 5 July at the Mosque and London Muslim Centre complex, for Jummu’ah (Friday) prayers at the new Centre, and for a preview. An official opening of the Maryam Centre will take place later this year with VIPs and dignitaries.

“Ramadan is a spiritual and festive time for Muslims. So it is with great joy, we can open the Maryam Centre for the community”, said Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Chairman of East London Mosque Trust.

Speaking about the Mosque’s history that spans over a century, he added: “The Mosque has certainly come a very long way since its early beginnings in 1910. Our founding fathers would have been proud! Today, we provide more than just religious and spiritual services to serve one of the most diverse congregations in the country.”

The Maryam Centre houses a new larger prayer hall for women; educational facilities for girls and women; women’s advice and guidance services; health facilities including a gymnasium exclusively for women.

The development cost £9.5 million in total and has been solely funded by the community, with donation pledges of £5.5 million. The Mosque continues to fundraise for the remaining £4 million. The Mosque as ever is grateful to donors and the community who have supported this project.

Dilowar Khan, Director of the Mosque and Centre, said: “We are extremely indebted to the community for all their support thus far and it has achieved very tangible results, and we continue to work together to raise the outstanding funds.”

A survey conducted by the Mosque and Centre in Ramadan 2010, concluded that during the month the Mosque had 250,000 visitors during congregational prayers.