5 Jan 2021 – Despite the Government allowing places of worship to remain open even under the new lockdown restrictions, our concern about the very high levels of COVID-19 locally has led us to take the difficult decision to close the East London Mosque for prayers from Wednesday 6 January 2021. 

We will review our decision after two weeks, and thereafter keep the situation under constant review. 

This decision has not been taken lightly. But just as in last March, when we and many other mosques closed even before the Government announced a national lockdown, we’re putting the safety of our congregation, our staff and our volunteers above our strong desire to maintain communal worship. Our decision has been made in consultation with senior scholars, imams and ulama of the country. In Islam, the preservation of life is of the utmost importance and a key governing principle used to formulate rulings in the Shari’ah, as is the case here.

Please follow us on social media as well as monitoring our website for the latest information.

Digital programmes and essential services

We advise families to pray together at home. We will continue to broadcast talks through our website and social media, and we will aim to keep essential services running, such as foodbank deliveries, and advice and counselling.

If you or someone you know in our locality needs help, please get in touch.

Funeral services

The funeral service will still be operating. Funeral prayers held by family and friends will be limited to 30 people, in accordance with the lockdown rules. There are further restrictions for funerals of COVID-19 victims.

May Allah keep everyone safe and well.

For further information, please find Government guidelines here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Please help us maintain our essential services through your kind sadaqah.

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