London, 19 March 2024 – In a powerful display of unity, Muslims In Rail, collaborating with the iconic East London Mosque (ELM), coordinated an uplifting Iftar event. 

The gathering brought Muslims and non-Muslims together to share in the breaking of the fast and explore the rich cultural tapestry woven into one of London's most historic houses of worship.
The event, a beacon of understanding, diversity, and inclusion within the rail industry and beyond, saw employees from across the rail network invite non-Muslim colleagues to partake in the Iftar meal and join a guided tour of the Mosque.
Nasir Khan, the visionary co-founder of Muslims In Rail, expressed joy and excitement about the partnership. "I look around this room, and see how we are connecting with each other, how we are growing with each other through the knowledge and appreciation of each other's faith, beliefs, and practices," said Khan.
Junaid Ahmed, CEO of East London Mosque, echoed Khan’s message while emphasising the ELMs mission to serve, educate, and inspire. "Tonight, we come together in the spirit of unity, compassion, and solidarity," said Ahmed. 

“Ramadan is the most important month in the Islamic calendar; it is a time of reflection, gratitude, and spiritual renewal. It is a time when our souls are nourished, our hearts are humbled, and our bonds with one another are strengthened,” added Ahmed.
The East London Mosque-a beacon of faith, education, and community service-displayed its deep commitment to community welfare, educational initiatives, and interfaith dialogue.

Yesterday’s gathering underlined our dedication to building bridges across diverse cultures and faiths, reinforcing the values that unite us all.

Muslims In Rail and East London Mosque are proud to have facilitated this transformative event, contributing to the social and cultural fabric of London and embodying the spirit of community solidarity at the heart of Islam.