We are shocked at the arson attack on Al-Rahma Mosque in Muswell Hill, north London. We would like to send our reassurances and prayers to the Somali community in north London. Thankfully nobody has been seriously injured or killed.

We share the pain that a place of worship has been brazenly attacked and destroyed. We urge all communities to stand firm and together confront all forms of Islamophobia, hatred and bigotry. No community should have to live in fear. As we condemn those behind the Woolwich murder two weeks ago, so we condemn those behind this attack.

We also note there has been a sharp rise in anti-Muslim incidents and attacks on mosques since Woolwich. We urge mosques and Islamic centres to be especially vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police. A 'Best Practices for Mosque and Community Safety' guide can be downloaded via this link. A full statement has been released by the Muslim Council of Britain calling on "police authorities to tackle anti-Muslim attacks seriously and at a national level."

Last Updated: 19:41 05/06/2013