The East London Mosque Trust held its 54th Annual General Meeting on 29th September 2013. At the AGM, Trustees were elected to serve a new two-year session. The new Board of Trustees for 2013-15 session are:

  1. Muhammad Habibur Rahman (Chairman)
  2. Muhammad Siddique (Vice-Chairman)
  3. Ayub Khan (Honorary Secretary)
  4. Mohammed Abdul Malik (Treasurer)
  5. Muhammad Abdul Bari
  6. Sirajul Islam
  7. Hasan Sirajus Salekin
  8. Ismail Jama Salah
  9. Mohammed Abdur Rahim Kamaly
  10. Rahela Choudhury
  11. Sirajul Islam (Hira)
  12. Shafiur Rahman
  13. Sayeda Anzumara Begum
  14. Baqa'Allah ibn Faiz

May Allah guide them and give them the tawfiq to serve this house of Allah to best of their abilities, Ameen.