The new Mosque and Centre website is now online. We have worked very hard to deliver a more fresh and innovative website that is functional for our users.

We understand many users visit our website on a daily basis to check the prayer timetable and based on that fact we have made this available on the top section of our website. Once the user clicks on the drop down icon, a complete timetable for the whole month appears. Users can also download a copy of the enitre years prayer times and also see prayer times for the forthcoming months.

Doing away with clutter, the new homepage displays news items in a more contemporary fashion. Users can scroll through the various latest news items and go on to read more.

The new menu system lets users visit any section of the website with just 'one' click. All the latest multimedia items that have been uploaded to the new website, also show up on the homepage and users can download that item through a simple click.

Social networking is a important part of our communication with users and key stakeholders. All of our social network links are available at the top of the website, permanently for every page. Please take the time to join and 'like' our social network feeds.

The dedicated advertisement spot will allow organisations and businesses to promote their events and services in the near future. As one would imagine, the Mosque and Centre website attracts huge attention from the world over, which equates to over 500,000 visits every month.

We are always looking to improve our services and would value feedback from our users and members of congregation. Kindly get in touch with us through the contact section.

We would like to take this as an opportunity to thank Brand 786 for helping us deliver the Mosque's new website.