21 March 2020 – You can keep your spiritual connection with Allah by making your home a place of worship – of prayer, dhikr, recitation of Qur’an, and Islamic learning.

You can also maintain a spiritual connection with the East London Mosque by listening when we broadcast the adhan and prayers, and by watching the short videos messages, talks and sermons by our Imams that we hope to post regularly, insha’Allah. You will find these on our Facebook and YouTube channels. The latest message from Imam Abdul Qayum, ‘Remembering Allah in times of adversity’, is below, followed by the latest khutbah (sermon) by Imam Mohammed Mahmoud, ‘In times of trial and tribulation’.

In his advice, Imam Abdul Qayum recommends the book of dua (supplications) Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim), which you should also be able to find as an app for your smartphone.

Let’s also remember to give regularly in charity, seeking Allah’s pleasure and forgiveness.

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