Our advice is based on the current circumstances. Some safety precautions remain unchanged. They will be kept under constant review.

  • If you have Covid-19 or its symptoms, you MUST NOT come to the Mosque.
  • Perform your wudu (ablutions) before you come to the Mosque.
  • Continue to wear a facemask.
  • Continue to use a prayer mat.
  • Minimise your contact with others.

The East London Mosque continues to prioritise the safety of its congregation, with due regard to the latest advice from the authorities, and the levels of Covid-19 reported in the local community.

Key changes for our prayers

  • Distancing markers will be removed, so prayer mats can be laid side-by-side.
  • Shoe racks will be available, but it is still better to keep your shoes with you in a bag.
  • Children of all ages will be allowed to attend.
  • The Mosque will open at 11am, and remain open until after Isha prayer.

In announcing an easing of restrictions from 19 July 2021, the Government emphasised the need to maintain strong safety measures in crowded indoor settings. TFL has already announced that facemasks will remain mandatory on all its transport.

At the same time, levels of Covid-19 in Tower Hamlets are significantly above the national average, whilst vaccination levels are significantly below. We urge people to get vaccinated as soon as they can – you can even get the vaccine here on Tuesdays.

Wudu: it is always better to perform wudu before coming to the Mosque; this is a good habit to maintain, and takes pressure off the Mosque’s resources, whilst also helping to keep it safer.

Facemasks: the proper use of facemasks is a key means to protect yourself and those around you. We all hoped they would not be necessary anymore, but for now they remain an important safety measure. The East London Mosque will not enforce the wearing of facemasks, but we ask you to forebear with this inconvenience out of respect for the safety of all those around us.

Prayer mats: although we would love to return to having closely packed rows in prayer, using the Mosque’s own carpet, for now it is much safer to continue to use prayer mats. We do not want to risk the spread of Covid-19 by putting faces and hands on the Mosque carpet, prayer after prayer – and it is simply not practical to disinfect the carpets after every prayer. Please continue to bring your own prayer mat, and respect those either side of you by making sure you do not overlap.

May Allah keep us all safe and healthy.