On Saturday 21st October, an organised group of people with known connections to far-right, racist and violent activities were permitted to assemble and then march through Tower Hamlets. They marched along Whitechapel Road and past the East London Mosque and the London Muslim Centre as a flagrant sign of their hatred and contempt for British Muslims.

These far-right incursions along with several other marches and protests by groups like Britain First are disrupting the social cohesion in Tower Hamlets and causing violence. They are indeed, unwarranted and cause fear among residents who face significant amounts of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred in their everyday lives.

We would like to see the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, take a strong stance against far-right extremists who seek to terrorise communities just because they represent a diverse social make-up, which may not be to their liking.

We would also like to see more support and resources given to the Mayor of Tower Hamlets and the local Police to help tackle these problems.

Please sign our petition to block far-right marches in Tower Hamlets: https://www.change.org/p/amber-rudd-mp-block-far-right-marches-in-tower-hamlets