15 Jan 2021 – As a token of gratitude to the hard working ICU team at the Royal London Hospital, the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre will be providing over 100 hot meals to the hospital every Friday. The first delivery was made today by the Mosque’s volunteers.

The meals, consisting of both meat and vegetarian options, will be delivered to the Royal London Hospital every Friday.

Dilowar Khan, the Director of the East London Mosque Trust, said, “In these difficult times, our NHS has been at the forefront of saving the lives of so many people.”

He added, “We commend them for their hard work and bravery, setting aside their own families to help others, and it’s with this spirit of gratitude that we wanted to show a small token of thanks to our long standing neighbours, the Royal London Hospital.”

The East London Mosque continues to provide a food bank delivery service for those in need in the local community, as well as a counselling service for women, and its Imam’s advice helpline.