Why should I join the run?

The East London Mosque needs your help to become debt free. This is a perfect opportunity to get involved with the Mosque to show your support, but also an opportunity to get fit and active.

How much do I have to raise?

There is a target to raise £250 for the Mosque and Centre. But an initial contribution of Child £20 and Adult £50 to be paid when registered.

How can I reach my goal?

Ask friends and family to sponsor you or perhaps you could approach local businesses. You could also setup a JustGiving page of your own, through the Mosque page and also remember you can promote your page on Facebook/Twitter.

How long is the run?

The run will be 5.0 kilometres which is approximately 3.10 miles. You can choose to run with your friends!

What is the route?

The run will be at one of the established route of Victoria Park. A map of the run is available for download.

What is the deadline?

The closing date has been extended to Saturday 20th September 2014 - 6PM. Runners still have the opportunity to register and collect their t-shirts on the that day.

How will the Mosque help me reach my goal?

We can offer 1-2-1 support to help get you started and also organise fundraising workshops for participants. There will also be fundraising packs available.

Why does the Mosque need my help?

The Maryam Centre is the new development of the East London Mosque. It was opened last year in July and provides various services to the community, especially for women.

The development cost of the Maryam Centre was £9.5m and there is currently a short fall of £3.5m. Join us in this humble cause to raise funds to help pay for the new centre.

Who can participate?

This run is for men only – focusing on getting men in our community healthy and active, whilst raising money for a good cause.

What are the prizes?

The prizes to be won include a Nintendo DS, mountain bike, Red Letter Day, Samsung Galaxy Tab and laptop.