The Tower Hamlets Tension Monitoring Group collectively supports the following statement from Police Superintendent Peter Turner regarding the recent ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ letter:

I am aware that many in our community have seen letters entitled ‘How to Punish a Muslim’. A photograph of the letter has been shared widely on social media which has spread across the country and this has caused concern amongst the Muslim community in particular. I must stress that, to date, no letters have been sent to any individuals in Tower Hamlets, however the sharing of the social media image may lead some to believe there have been. I have no intelligence to suggest this is the case.

Some letters have been received in other parts of the country including Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and London. It is clear that they have been sent to cause fear and offence among our Muslim communities. Of these reports none have been sent to named individuals. The investigation into these crimes is being undertaken by officers attached to the counter terrorism command in North East England and a national strategy is in place.

I and my team do not and will not tolerate any form of hate crime.

Should you or a friend receive a letter or other post that is threatening or abusive then please contact the police, telephone 101, they will assess what you have received and know what procedure to follow and whether the letter is part of this series.

Mayor John Biggs said:

The anonymous letters that have been sent encouraging people to carry out violent acts on ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ on 3rd April are shocking and extremely distressing.

In Tower Hamlets we are a united community and have always pulled together when people try to divide us.

As a Council we will be working in partnership with Police and our partners to keep residents safe. At the moment no reports have been made by Tower Hamlets residents of receiving a copy of this letter, if you do, or you have any concerns please contact the Police. I am aware that my colleague Rushanara Ali MP received a suspect package this week which is unacceptable.

Inciting people to carry out violent acts targeting particular communities will not be tolerated.

We remain vigilant for those who wish to divide us. I recognise the great contribution the Muslim community makes to our Borough. We stand together against prejudice and intolerance and remain vigilant for those who wish to divide us.

The police have issued the following advice:

If you do receive a letter, parcel or other post to your premises that is threatening or abusive then please follow these guidelines:

  • Keep the number of people who handle the letter and the envelope to a minimum – this is to allow Police the best chance to identify the sender through the use of forensic techniques and minimise the risk of harm.
  • Place the letter and the envelope in a clean plastic bag or similar (a sandwich bag or freezer bag for example) as this will stop further contamination.
  • Call the local Police and inform them, they will assess what you have received and know the procedure to follow, whether the letter is part of this series or not.