The East London Mosque (ELM) is deeply alarmed by the unprecedented rise of Islamophobia and calls on our political leaders  to avoid hateful rhetoric that is fuelling anti-Muslim racism. As reported by a leading hate crime monitoring agency,  there has been a staggering 335% increase in anti-Muslim hate cases compared to the same period last year. 

Over the span of four months, following the October 7 attack, over 2,000 anti-Muslim cases have been recorded nationwide, with 576 cases reported in London alone.

As one of the largest mosque and Islamic centre in western Europe, serving a diverse congregation of worshippers and welcoming numerous non-Muslim visitors weekly, the safety and security of our community – Muslim and non-Muslim – is our upmost priority.

Regrettably, the ELM itself has not been immune to Islamophobic incidents, having faced two bomb threats since October 7, which required support and attendance by the Metropolitan Police.

In this climate of heightened anxiety and escalating racism, we are deeply disheartened by the irresponsible rhetoric emanating from senior politicians. 

Their unsubstantiated claims, which further fuel unfounded stereotypes regarding supposed "no-go areas" in London, and their highly inflammatory allegations regarding “Islamist takeover" of our capital, is extremely irresponsible and both concerning and disappointing. Such baseless claims embolden others, including extremists, to propagate anti-Muslim hate and further fuel racism..

In light of the alarming rise in Islamophobia, we call upon everyone, including government authorities, law enforcement agencies, and civil society, to redouble efforts in combating hatred and promoting tolerance. Together, we must continue to strive to uphold the values that foster co-existence and mutual respect that defines our city and ensure the safety and well-being of everyone