The East London Mosque called on worshippers to help with the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe today. Imam Shaykh Abdul Qayum delivered a sermon speaking about the plight of Syrian refugees who have escaped war in their home country. He encouraged worshippers to support refugees by donating as much as they can to charities that are helping them.

Shaykh Abdul Qayum told worshippers: “We are horrified by the scenes of young refugee children, being washed up on the shores of Turkey. It is unbearable to comprehend parents drowning in the sea with their babies in 21st century. The picture of the little boy has been a wakeup call for all of us. The international community must work harder to find a solution of the worsening humanitarian crises in Syria and we must do whatever we can to raise funds for food, clothes and shelter for the refugees.”

The Mosque also took part in the Citizens UK campaign to help find 5,000 homes for Syrian refugees. Members of the congregation who are landlords signed up to the campaign and pledged to provide refugees a home should they come to the UK.

Human Appeal International launched its refugee crisis appeal at the Mosque after Friday prayer, which raised over £12,000 from members of the congregation.

Khaled Gamal, London Fundraising Manager for Human Appeal International said: “I was amazed by the response from the community today. This is another example of the Muslim community coming together to respond to an international crisis. We thank the Mosque’s management for this opportunity and reacting with speed to assist with this crisis.

“We will be sending a delegation to Macedonia over the weekend with emergency refugee packs to hundreds of Syrian refugee families that contain food, nappies, blankets and first aid items,” he said.

Khaled is urging those who have not had a chance to donate towards the campaign to come forward with their support.

Donate to Human Appeal's Refugee Crisis campaign here: