24 December 2021

As representatives of Mosques and Islamic Centres in London from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, we are adding our voices to the many who have raised deep concerns about the Nationality and Borders Bill.

We find it very alarming that ‘Clause 9’ of the bill gives the right to the home secretary to deprive British people of citizenship without forewarning. According to the news reports, nearly six million people could be stripped of their citizenship.

UK civic society has always been proud of upholding British values of fair play, justice, openness and transparency. The Windrush scandal has shown how ordinary, innocent British citizens of colour can fall victim to measures that go against our values as a nation. Already, thousands of British citizens from ethnic minorities, who have been born and brought up in Britain, are at risk from a two-tier system that is open to abuse and misapplication. Clause 9 would leave British citizens from ethnic minorities facing fear and uncertainty; their citizenship could be removed without warning and with no reasonable means of appeal.

We as Mosques and Islamic Centres have had first-hand experience in assisting refugees and asylum seekers who have fled war-torn countries and faced persecution. The bill, as it stands, would deprive those who have made a perilous journey to seek the protection of the UK by penalising them and potentially ‘offshoring’ them. The proposals in this bill can have devastating consequences, fuelling more problems in the long term. Additionally, the bill also falls short of our international obligations under the 1951 Geneva Refugee Convention.

We call on Parliament to reject this bill and to ensure that the citizenship of British citizens from ethnic minorities is respected and that the rights of refugees and asylum seekers are protected.


  • East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre
  • The Islamic Cultural Centre & The London Central Mosque
  • UKIM West London Islamic Centre
  • Finsbury Park Mosque
  • Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre
  • Al Muntada Al-Islami & WLICC
  • Muslim Welfare House
  • Mayfair Islamic Centre
  • Masjid Al-Tawhid
  • Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre
  • Azizya Mosque
  • Muslim Association of Nigeria (Old Kent Road Mosque)
  • Ashadibi Centre and Mosque
  • UK Turkish Islamic Association 
  • Ashford and Staines Community Centre
  • Haaya Foundation
  • Hounslow Muslim Centre
  • Central JamiaMasjid, Southall
  • Sri Lanka Islamic Forum
  • UKIM Masjid Ibrahim, Plaistow
  • Hounslow Jamia Mosque
  • Darussalam Masjid & Cultural Centre
  • Alrisaalah Mosque
  • Islington Islamic Centre


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