In light of last Thursday's serious and credible security threat against the East London Mosque, we would like to draw attention to the growing threat faced by British Muslims due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza and highlight the need to offer additional levels of support to mosques and Muslim institutions. 

We want to also applaud our staff and the 700 people using our premises at the time for their swift action. We also thank the Metropolitan Police for their quick and immediate response.  

The anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian rhetoric that has been used to both justify violence against Palestinians in Gaza and further silence supporters of Palestinian human rights here in the UK and elsewhere has become a source of hatred for a tiny minority to inflict harm on others.

We condemn anyone who seeks to sow divisions and use the violence in Gaza to channel their hate by targeting Muslims and members of other faith communities. 

Just as the government has offered enhanced support and assistance to the UK’s Jewish community facing antisemitic attacks of late, we urge the government to similarly treat British Muslims with the same level of care by providing additional support to keep our congregation and members of the public safe.