Hundreds of people visited the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre today as part of Visit My Mosque Day, a national initiative of the Muslim Council of Britain.

The East London Mosque is one of the London’s oldest and largest mosque, which has a footfall of 1.7 million per year and just under 13,000 daily at its peak.

A large exhibition was on display in the main hall which included artefacts and material from the Mosque's archive covering over a century of the mosque's history. Mosque volunteers served homemade scones and cakes, whilst children from the London East Academy mesmerised visitors with live recitation from passages of the Quran. Visitors were able to observe the midday prayer and ask questions about the Muslim faith.

Caroline Stevens, a local teacher who visited today, said: “This is a very good opportunity for communities to come together and share each other’s heritage and culture.”

Visit My Mosque 2018