This Ramadan, connect your ‘Heart to the Mosque’. 💛🕌

Amongst the people who will be under the shade under Allah (swt), on a day where there will be no shade save His, are those whose hearts are attached to Mosques.

[Sahih Bukhari]

We’re blessed to be part of the Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ, and we take inspiration and guidance from his Sunnah and all he did. One of the first acts of our blessed Prophet ﷺ, when he made the Hijrah to Madinah, was to establish a Mosque, a place of worship. Today, this is known as Masjid Al Nabawi, and is one of the most beloved places that we hope to visit and pray inside at least once in our lifetime.

For Muslims, the Mosque is not just a building but a spiritual core that connects us to our Deen. It is where we directly connect with Allah (swt) and seek His guidance and blessings daily. Mosques are where we meet our brothers and sisters, our neighbours, and those around us. In life and death, the Mosque serves a purpose, to ultimately connect us with our Creator and the Hereafter.

Such is the importance of Mosques in our daily lives that you can find 3.6 million Mosques across the globe, with over 1,800 Mosques in the UK. We are fortunate to worship freely without hindrance, unlike other parts of the Ummah worldwide that face oppression. And it is for that reason we should take advantage of this blessing Allah (swt) has provided us by means of the Mosque.


MyELM is a unique initiative that holds true to the ELMT’s mission: “to Serve, Educate and Inspire”.

MyELM seeks to engage, educate and elevate the ELMT’s standing within the communities it serves, but also with a focus on engaging the wider public. MyELM, lets you stay connected to the Mosque while supporting it simultaneously. Indeed, you’ll be attaching your heart to the East London Mosque.

Through MyELM, members will gain insight into the history, ideas and values that drive the East London Mosque Trust, so that they can be genuinely a part of this dynamic institution’s past, present and future. We hold timely events for our MyELM members, letting you engage with the Mosque and its leadership, meet with the Imams and take on board your suggestions.

MyELM members also enjoy the benefits of our network and enjoy discounts across our sponsor businesses who are also members. And this is just the start.

This Ramadan, attach your heart to the East London Mosque and reap the rewards.

This will ensure we collectively overcome our challenges but also allow us to sustain and continue providing vital services to the community, insha’Allah

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