See if you can answer these questions about Muslim history in East London and our Mosque’s story. A fun quiz for all ages!

For each question, select one response from (a) to (d) – you may find some of the answers on here this website or on the ELM Archives website. You can check your answers by clicking the link after Question 10.

  1. Who were the ‘lascars’?
    1. The first motorists
    2. Caravan dwellers
    3. Merchant seamen
    4. Mascara manufacturers
  2. Who were the Ottomans?
    1. The original inhabitants of Ottawa
    2. A pop group
    3. A type of early vehicle
    4. The Muslim dynasty that ruled Turkey and neighbouring lands
  3. Why should Abdullah al-Mamun Suhrawardy be remembered?
    1. Prime Minister of Pakistan
    2. Prime Minister of Bangladesh
    3. Organised Eid Prayers in London in 1905
    4. Established the first halal restaurant in London
  4. Who said this in 1908, “It does not require great imagination or political grasp to perceive the enormous advantages that would accrue to the empire itself were a Moslem place of worship founded in London…”
    1. Winston Churchill
    2. Sir Hasan Suhrawardy
    3. Syed Ameer Ali
    4. Queen Victoria
  5. What does ‘Indigent’ mean?
    1. Destitute
    2. Sick
    3. Immigrant
    4. Gentleman
  6. Where were the first prayers of East London Mosque held when it moved from its old premises on Commercial Road to its present site?
    1. In the building on Whitechapel Road
    2. In the Synagogue then located on Fieldgate Street
    3. In a large tent
    4. In portakabins
  7. What does the ‘Queen Excluder’ have to do with East London Mosque?
    1. The Mosque’s alarm system fitted for security purposes
    2. Grid used in a bee hive
    3. Title of a book that makes reference to the Mosque
    4. Slogan of Islamophobic protestors on Whitechapel Road
  8. In which year was the East London Mosque on Whitechapel Road formally opened?
    1. 1965
    2. 1975
    3. 1985
    4. 1995
  9. Sulaiman Jetha was a dedicated community worker for the Mosque from the 1940s to the 1990s. What was his profession?
    1. Businessman
    2. Accountant
    3. Travel Agent
    4. Medical doctor
  10. Which famous translator of the Qur’an to English helped raise funds for the Mosque in the 1930s?
    1. Professor Hamidullah
    2. Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall
    3. Allama Yusuf Ali
    4. Muhammad Asad

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