It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without writing a will about it.

{Sahih al-Bukhari}

Prescribed for you when death approaches any one of you if he leaves wealth is that he should make a bequest for the parents and near relatives according to what is acceptable – a duty upon the righteous.

{Qur’an, Surah al-Baqarah, Verse 180}

When you die you want to ensure those who are left behind know your wishes, and that your Islamic duties are fulfilled. This should include taking care of funeral expenses and leaving inheritance for family members according to the guidance in the Qur’an.

A will is a legal document that states:

  • Who benefits from and can use the assets from your estate
  • How your property is to be dealt with
  • Which of your trusted friends or family is in charge of distributing your estate – your Executors.

What is inheritance tax and how might it affect me?

Inheritance tax, set at 40%, is paid on your taxable assets at the date of death. Anything you pass on to your spouse is free of tax.

A well-written Islamic will ensures you comply with Islamic requirements, and you don’t pay more inheritance tax than you have to.

Why do I need advice?

Proper legal advice helps ensure your estate passes to the right beneficiaries, in the right shares, and also allows you to utilise the relevant nil rate allowances, reliefs and exemptions you are entitled to.

Trust planning can be utilised to make sure that your house or property does not need to be sold on first death to pay a large inheritance tax bill.

Can I leave something for charity in my will?

You can certainly give charity in your will – your final act of Sadaqah. In Islam, up to one third of your estate can be left for charity; if someone has no qualifying relatives, it can be more.

If you leave something to charity in your will, then it doesn’t count towards the total taxable value of your estate. You can cut the inheritance tax rate on the rest of your estate from 40% to 36%, if you leave at least 10% of your ‘net estate’ to a charity.

We hope you will consider leaving a legacy gift to help the East London Mosque Mosque after you die. If you decide to include Sadaqah in your will, simply inform the solicitor helping you to write your will. If you already have a will, and would like to include a gift for the East London Mosque, you could simply add a codicil.

What to do next

If you don’t have an Islamic will, you should consider making one as soon as possible. Our will writing service is currently being reviewed and is therefore unavailable. Insha'Allah, as soon as we resume this service, we will notify you via our website and social media platforms.