In light of recent events in Palestine, it’s crucial that we exercise our rights responsibly while expressing solidarity and advocating for the rights of Palestinians. 

Here are some guidelines to ensure that our support remains lawful, respectful, and effective:

  1. Expression of Solidarity:
    • It is lawful to express support for the Palestinian cause and wear symbols like badges, the keffiyeh, or flags representing the Palestinian national colours​​.
    • You can attend demonstrations and rallies in support of Palestine, while adhering to UK laws.
  1. Sharing Information:
    • Always fact-check information before sharing it on social media or other platforms.
    • Ensure that the material shared does not incite hatred and is not affiliated with any banned groups as outlined by the UK government​. 
  1. Donations and Fundraising:
    • It’s encouraged to raise funds for registered charitable organisations that support Palestinians affected by the occupation.
    • The East London Mosque has setup an emergency appeal for Palestine online and will be distributing funds to trusted charity partners so aid can reach those on the ground, insha’Allah.
  1. Media Interaction:
    • If you are approached by a journalist for a comment, you are under no obligation to say anything and can respectfully decline. If you do say something, please ensure it is factual, accurate and respectful.
  1. Educating the Young:
    • Take time to educate our young people about the historical and current context of the conflict, promoting understanding and empathy​.
  1. Pray for Palestine:
    • Please continue to pray for the well-being and freedom of the Palestinian people from the oppression and injustice they are facing.
    • We are performing Qunoot al-Nazilah for Palestine everyday at Fajr, do attend if you are able to. Brothers only.
  1. Avoiding Support for Proscribed/Banned Organisations:
    • Do not express support for proscribed/banned organisations.
    • A full list of banned organisations can be found on the Government website.
  1. Awareness of Legal Boundaries:
    • Be aware of the Home Secretary’s recent guidance and the Public Order Act 1986 when expressing support, to ensure compliance with UK laws​.

We urge everyone to exercise their rights with awareness and responsibility, ensuring our community’s advocacy for Palestine remains strong, respectful, and lawful.

13 Oct 2023

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