Swarm queen laying, and bees fighting

11 Jul 2019 – the ‘rescued’ swarm’s queen appears to be laying, whilst there’s fighting going on at the entrance to one of the observation hives. Read more

A ‘clearer’ path for the bees

6 Jul 2019 – the observation hives grow again, with a one-way route between layers – and glimpses of a mouse! Read more

A new queen – and a window vandal!

30 Jun 2019 – an update on the small swarm, plus the culprit damaging the window sealant. Read more

Swarming bees

27 Jun 2019 – A measure to prevent swarming, followed by the appearance of a mini-swarm! Read more

Video: inside the observation beehives

26 May 2019 – Our beekeepers popped in today, so we took some video footage as they inspected the two observation hives. Read more

Bees close up!

22 Apr 2019 – We grabbed our phones to take some close-up videos when the beekeeper stopped by. Read more

Glass panels revealed – then weather turns colder & damp!

8 Apr 2019 – More short video clips, now the vision panels have been opened in observation hives Read more

Bees very active at the start of Spring

21 Mar 2019 – A short video clip showing the bees returning with forage Read more

Spring in February?

20 Feb 2019 – The bees are taking advantage of the exceptionally mild February weather. Read more

Closing 2018

19 Dec 2018 – A brief look at our beehives as 2018 draws to an end. Read more

An infrared peek inside the hive

3 Nov 2018 – Khalil, our beekeeper, used an infrared camera to see where the bees are huddled inside the hive! Read more

Live on BBC London News

3 Aug 2018 – the BBC came back for live TV Read more